DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, IL

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DeMoulin Museum

About DeMoulin Museum

Although one of today’s leading makers of band uniforms, DeMoulin Bros. & Co. began in a most peculiar way in 1892 – manufacturing fraternal lodge initiation devices and regalia. Visitors to the DeMoulin Museum can see crazy contraptions like the bucking goat, trick chairs, a lung tester, lifting and spanking machine, and guillotine. Embroidery work including band and military uniforms is also displayed. A kid and family friendly museum! Hours of operation: Friday 1-3 pm; Saturday 10 am – 2 pm; Sunday 2-4 p.m. The museum is also open by appointment.

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Contact Information

110 W. Main St.
Greenville, IL

Hours of Operation: Fri 1-3 ; Sat 10 – 2 ; Sunday 2-4,

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