Black Silo Winery in Trenton, MO

Save water, drink wine!

"Save water, drink wine!"

Black Silo Winery

About Black Silo Winery

Black Silo was born out of an idea to bring the Green Hills something unique and wonderful, something of the earth and personally touched. In 2010 we started planting grapes and haven’t looked back. So when you find yourself at the silo ask for Turbo or the Biscuit, we would love to uncork a bottle of conversation and get to the bottom of things. We hope our wines find you magnanimous, robust and in the pursuit of happiness. Good times, good friends….save water, drink wine!

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Contact Information

4030 E 10th St
Trenton, MO

Hours of Operation: Thu-Sun 1pm-6pm

Where is Black Silo Winery