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A national historic landmark

"A national historic landmark"

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A little about Nauvoo

Rich in history, Nauvoo is known for important pioneering leadership from the likes of Joseph Smith (the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement) and Brigham Young (an American leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and a settler of the western United States). Along with the pioneering spirit of the Saints, Nauvoo was considered to be a Crossroads in History. With influxes of cultures and development of forward thinking societies, Nauvoo's history features Emile Baxter (French Icarian and founder of Illinois' Oldest Winery). Located in Hancock County, Illinois, Nauvoo came to be a place of constant change and evolution among diverse groups that happened upon this beautiful area nestled along the Mississippi River.

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The history of Nauvoo

In the fall of 1804 a delegation of Sauk and Fox chiefs including Quashquema was sent to St. Louis to negotiate the peaceful release of one of their tribesmen from prison and attempt to gain the same kind of favoritism shown by the United States to their bitter enemies, the Osages. The group successfully negotiated the pardoning of the prisoner, but the hapless youth attempted escape before the official pardon arrived from President Jefferson, and was shot dead in the attempt. Taking advantage of the delegation's lack of experience in negotiations, their desire to be on friendly terms with the US, their tribal custom of paying for the release of their kindred, and the delegation's taste for liquor, the governor of the newly established Louisiana Territory, William Henry Harrison, told the delegation that he would like to begin negotiations for their territorial claims.

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Hotel Nauvoo


Historic structure with modern amenities


Sonora Gardens Farmstead


Privacy with wide open spaces


The Nauvoo Grand Bed & Breakfast


An amazing turn of the last century home


Willard Richards Inn


The Jewel of Navuoo


Baxter's Vineyards and Winery

Museums / Attractions

Oldest winery in the state of Illinois


Nauvoo State Park

Museums / Attractions

Hiking, boating, camping and historic sites


Grandpa John's Cafe


Novoo's original soda fountain and confectionery


Hotel Nauvoo Restaurant


Try our famous buffet or pick off of our menu


Nauvoo Mill & Bakery


We grind our own grain and prepare it for you


Weber's Kitchen


Old fashioned home cooking


The Allyn House


Hand made arts and crafts