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Dr. Rick K. Housewright-Chiropractor

About Dr. Rick K. Housewright-Chiropractor

Dr. Rick K. Housewright is not your typical Chiropractor. Within minutes of meeting him, you know that this soft-spoken man actually cares about your health - physical, emotional, spiritual... all of it.

Dr. Rick approaches all of his patients from an holistic perspective, first asking them to fill out a form that helps him better understand the reason for the visit. Next, he educates his patients on the history and science of subluxation, which has to do with the alignment of the spine and the relationship of each vertebrae to different functions in the human body.

Dr. Rick's desire is to serve his patients and their needs as the Spirit leads him. That's why he loves the saying below, which is posted on his office wall.

"Aligning our spirit with God’s word
Aligning our beliefs with God’s promises
Aligning our faith with God’s callings
Aligning our spines with God’s healing"

Dr. Rick is also certified in Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP)

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Contact Information

6851 Virginia Parkway
McKinney, TX

Hours of Operation: call or text for appointment

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