Queens Winery in Garland, TX

Award Winning Honey Wine and Custom Engraving

Queens Winery

About Queens Winery

We can help you with a Custom Engraved Wine Box and Bottle. We can keep you Top of Mind with that special customer or friend.

From our new winery in Garland Texas we precisely control every aspect of wine making to produce the finest honey wine anywhere. Our wines are made exclusively from honey and are completely free of grapes. We proudly produce Honey Wines over grape wines because of all the flavor, purity, ecological, and health benefits of honey over grapes.

Every ingredient matters when making honey wine. That is why we ensure the purity of the honey that we use by working closely with providers to ensure that all our honey comes from America and is True Source Certified.

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Contact Information

Phone: 972-325-1083

Main st
Garland, TX

Hours of Operation: call

Where is Queens Winery