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Life Changing Chiropractic

About Life Changing Chiropractic

Our mission is to provide Frisco, McKinney, and the surrounding communities, affordable, reliable healthcare, and expert health advise. In the process of helping our patients heal, we educate and empower them to take an active role in living a healthy life. Life is a journey and so is your health, let us be your guide.
If you are in pain, you know how much it can stop your life! Whether it is lower back pain Frisco TX or knee and other joint pain, the professionals at Life Changing Chiropractic can help! You shouldn’t need to continue to miss out on the things you love to do because of pain. There is help and it can be done in an effective and life changing way. By scheduling an appointment to come in and see us, we can assess where the pain is beginning from and work to correct it.

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Contact Information

Phone: 972-201-3445

11477 Custer Rd
Frisco, TX

Hours of Operation: Mon-Friday 9-5:00

Where is Life Changing Chiropractic